Uncle Mike’s Vegetables

Photo courtesy of  The Dees’ Nursery, Oceanside, NY

Uncle Mike's Specialty Vegetable Items


12″ Bowls with lettuce mix. Perfect for trimming leaves to supply the gardener with mixed leaf lettuce salad. The lettuce will continue to produce new leaves for several weeks as long as the heart of the lettuce plant is not damaged.

Garden Packs

Gardens Packs consist of packs of 6 plants that have a handle                

Single Variety Garden Packs


     Basil Garden – Sweet Italian Basil                



     Lettuce Garden – A variety of leaf lettuces                



     Strawberry Garden – Eversweet Strawberries              


Multiple Variety Garden Packs

    Multiple variety Gardens: 

          Each pack of 6 contains a blend of the most popular varieties of Tomatoes, Peppers, and Herbs

                   Tomato Gardens – Beefsteak, Burpee Big Boy, Early Girl, Grape, Cherry, Plum

                   Sweet Pepper Gardens – Green Bell, Yellow Bell, Red Bell, Orange Bell, Sweet Banana, Sweet Italian Frying